The movisens SensorManager provides an easy interface for you to work with your movisens sensors. It allows you to view the details of your sensors configuration, initiate recordings (including delayed start recordings) and retrieve the data captured by the sensor. It also indicates and allows the installation of new firmwares, and it's compatible with our entire range of physiological sensors:

  • Move 4, EcgMove 4, EdaMove 4, LightMove 4
  • Move 3, EcgMove 3, EdaMove 3 LightMove 3
  • Move II, ekgMove, edaMove

Please make sure to use the latest version of the SensorManager, in order to benefit from the continual improvements and firmware updates developed for our sensors.

Screenshot of the main screen of movisens Sensor Manager 1.12.5


  • SensorManager
  • Please read the license agreement thoroughly. By using the software, you are agreeing to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

System Requirements

The SensorManager requires:

  • A PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, 64bit
  • USB Terminal
  • Administrator rights during installation
  • A minimum of 200 MB free space on hard disc

Change History

  • Tolerate errors on usb connection while downloading data from sensor
  • Avoid firmware version to be misinterpreted when characters are included
  • Sort sensor parameters that are shown after sensor type
  • Avoid truncation by using a bigger text field for sensor type
  • A sensor with wrong firmware can now be updated using Firmware Updater
  • Updated integrated sensor firmware to version 1.12.7
    • Unit of hr is now 1/min
    • If no variation of hr is detected, hrvRmssd is 0
    • Measurement does not stop because of temporary errors in mass storage
    • Measurement can be started again after mass storage overflow
    • If mass storage is full and battery is empty measurement is stopped
    • Increased speed in mass storage to avoid recording to stop when bluetooth buffering is enabled
    • Bluetooth connection enters sleep mode when possible to save energy
    • Bluetooth name of 4th generation sensors is now xMove 4
    • Sensor automatically disables all buffered bluetooth attributes after measurement stops
    • An additional bluetooth attribute (Activated Buffered Characteristics) tells which buffered attributes are currently enabled
    • All sensors with bluetooth activated support tempMean
    • Deeply discharged sensors start normal
  • Updated integrated sensor firmware to version 1.11.79