movisens propose des webinaires au cours desquels les participants reçoivent des informations spécifiques sur des sujets liés à Ambulatory Assessment, au Suivi Mobile et à l'échantillonnage d'expériences. Nos webinaires fournissent également des réponses aux questions sur la planification d'une étude et l'utilisation de nos produits. Nous sommes heureux de répondre à des questions spécifiques et de répondre aux suggestions et souhaits des participants.

Handling movisens data with ease – Quality data leads to quality outcomes!

Join us in our latest webinar where we’ll provide tips and advice on how best to store, structure and work with our movisens data sets.
We'll also discuss using the movisens results files in other software applications of your choice.


  • Correct storage of measurements
  • Raw data checks
  • Analysis of the raw data
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

Potentials of Just in time Adaptive Interventions (JITAIs) to support health behavior changes

movisens leads the way in JITAI, being the only company providing research grade sensors and a class leading Experience Sampling platform capable of interacting with each other. In our upcoming webinar we’ll show you how to use our technological developments to implement your JITAI study. We’ll also interview experts about their experiences conducting JITAI studies with movisens.


  • Presentation of IAA and JITAI
  • Activity based Experience Sampling
  • Talk with experts
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

Sleep Monitoring in an Ambulatory Setting

10.11.2021, 18:00

With this Webinar movisens introduces tools and techniques to monitor sleep in an ambulatory setting.
We're also honoured to host Johanna Ell from the University of Freiburg. She'll discuss her experiences with sleep monitoring for shift workers, and also answer viewer questions at the conclusion of the webinar.


  • Presentation of different categories of Sleep Monitoring
  • Sleep Detection
  • Intention to Sleep
  • Sleep Quality
  • leep Report and analysis capabilities
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

24-hour Activity Cycle model (24-HAC)

15.09.2021, 18:00

Dans ce webinaire, movisens montre aux chercheurs les moyens de capturer avec précision les quatre composants du modèle 24-HAC avec nos technologies de capteurs ambulatoires. L'accent est mis sur l'enregistrement objectif des activités et de leur durée réelle, sur la position de port optimale des capteurs et sur l'application de nos méthodes d'analyse au modèle HAC.


  • Présentation et particularités du modèle HAC
  • Enregistrement objectif et ambulatoire de l'activité physique
  • Exemples d'application
  • Les innovations de movisens

The COVID-19 impact on research

07.07.2021, 18:00

Our next webinar movisens aims to showcase situations where research continued even under corona conditions. We’re honored by Dr. Kathrin Wunsch (Karlsruher Institute of Technology) and M.Sc. Anja Feneberg (University of Vienna) who detail their projects and provide recommendations on the optimal implementation of an Ambulatory Assessment study and the challenges they faced during the pandemic.


  • Social distancing
  • contactless measurement
  • Study planning under corona conditions
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

HRV Monitoring with movisens

28.04.2021, 18:00

With movisens you learn more about the practical implementation of the HRV-Monitoring. We will present recommendations for heart rate variability monitoring and demonstrate the practical implementation of the measurement process with the EcgMove 4.
Furthermore, we are delighted to be joined by an experienced scientist from the University of Graz who will share experiences with HRV Monitoring and primarily focus on the new method of interactive HRV assessment.


  • Possibilités actuelles
  • Les bases de la mesure du VRC
  • Particularités de la méthode de mesure
  • Exemple d'application
  • Les innovations de movisens

The valid and reliable EDA measurement with movisens

24.03.2021, 18:00

With movisens you leaarn more about the practical implementation of the EDA-measurement. Learn how to record a high quality signal with minimal effort.
We are delighted to announce Sjoerd van Halem fromTillburg University who will share his experience with EDA measurements and present his latest research project on the complexity of using triggers based on skin conductance to sample arousing events.
Sjoerd just won the EJPBlog award with his paper "Moments That Matter? On the Complexity of Using Triggers Based on Skin Conductance to Sample Arousing Events Within an Experience Sampling Framework".


  • Possible applications
  • Electrodermal Trigger
  • Emotional Affects
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovationen by movisens

Webinaire: Interactive Assessment with movisens – Sensor triggered Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment

24.02.2021, 18:00

movisens presents our viewers some unique opportunities provided by our exclusive sensor trigger capabilities for Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment studies. Coupling one of our research grade activity sensors with movisensXS - our intuitive and comprehensive experience sampling platform – enables the development of an interactive study.


  • Possible applications
  • Intervention Studies
  • Activity triggered eDiaries
  • Sedentary Behaviour Studies
  • Innovationen by movisens

Webinaire: Meilleure pratique avec movisens: La mesure valide et fiable du comportement sédentaire

27.01.2021, 06:00 p.m. (18:00 CET)

movisens presents modern sensor solutions, and shares information from experienced researchers within the field of sedentary behavior. Enrol in our webinar to learn the best strategies to measure sedentary behavior.


  • Valid measurement of sedentary behaviour
  • Current possibilities with movisens equipment
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

Webinaire: La recherche pendant une pandémie

25.11.2020, 03:00 p.m. (15:00 CET)

movisens details how you can continue your Ambulatory Assessment Study with our products even in times of crisis and present you a method to enable contact-free work with movisens products and highlight what special features movisens offers.


  • Challenges for research during a pandemic
  • The different possibilities with movisens equipment
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens

Webinaire: Mobile Sensing

movisensXS provides researchers easy access to the Mobile Sensing features of smartphones. The additional insights derived through Mobile Sensing add context to questionnaire data, and can help determine optimal times for interventions.
Learn more about the possibilities of Mobile Sensing with movisens and about the application Social Sensing in our Webinar.


  • Experience Sampling with movisensXS
  • What is „Mobile Sensing“
  • Current possibilities
  • Exemplary creation of a Mobile Sensing Study with movisensXS?
  • Mobile Sensing for Interactive Ambulatory Assessment
  • Example application: Social Sensing
  • Innovations by movisens