movisens provides the expertise to answer all your questions about Ambulatory Assessment or Experience Sampling!

Working with modern information technology and software can provide challenges for every project; our consultation guides you to the right solution every time. We take in to account all the special features you require for your study, and provide the support you need to implement it.

We’ll support you step by step, from the initial conception of your project, all the way through piloting and final implementation even including DataAnalysis if required.

We have a proven track record of developing technologies, and also incorporating existing technologies in novel ways to fulfil a customer’s request.

We start with a consultation to discuss the fine details of your project. Our consultants combine expert technical knowledge of Ambulatory Assessment with a proven track record of publication to provide you with optimal support.

Take advantage of our wide range of services and take advantage of our individual consulting in system and software development, conducting studies and in data processing. We provide you with a tailor-made concept for the realisation of your project, taking into account your individual specifications.
We would also be pleased to develop your ideas in a joint workshop with you, either in person or via video conference.

Here are some example projects that we have already carried out:

  • Evaluation of a movement study with MS patients for objective assessment of mobility in everyday life
  • Conception of an app for weight management based on activity measurement and nutritional data
  • Consulting on activity monitoring for various studies
  • Test, evaluation and comparison of different activity sensors
  • Advice on measuring electrodermal activity with a system that can be worn in everyday life

Trainings and in-house seminars

If you’ve recently purchased movisens devices or systems then an ideal way to get the most out of your investment is by a training session. The same applies for those who have sensors already, but have not used them for a long time.

In our seminars, we provide you with the necessary technological knowledge and the methodical approach to optimise the use of our sensors and software products.

Our offer includes workshops held in our offices, but also training courses specially tailored to your requirements, to be held either at our premises or at your site. With our many years of experience and competence in the field of Ambulatory Assessment and Experience Sampling and our technical understanding of the applications, we would like to support you in your project.

Contents of our training courses

  • Experience Sampling
  • Ambulatory Assessment
  • Multimodal and interactive ambulatory assessment
  • Acquisition of Electrodermal activity
  • Measurement and analysis of ECG and HRV
  • Physical activity recording

You decide when, where und how! Therefore do not hesitate, but make an appointment with us today!