DPK 2024

German Psychotherapy Congress

We cordially invite you to visit us at the 3rd German Psychotherapy Congress (DPK) in Berlin from 11-15 June 2024. Like last year, our team will be on site to present our latest solutions, so come and visit us and we look forward to a promising exchange with interesting people from the fields of psychology and psychotherapy!


SAA 2024

Society for Ambulatory Assessment

Come and see first hand how your research benefits from working with movisens. Our team will be showing our solutions at the following conferences and events, so please drop by and say hello:

SAA 2024

movisensXS feature – geocoder 3

Location - Location - Location

If you'd like to discover the effect of location on your participant, then the new geocoder 3 function for movisensXS is just the tool for you.
The geocoder 3 detects static locations of a participant and allows the labelling of those locations by given or self-defined tags. It allows the user to label new static locations, without overwriting previous entries. This provides researchers both added context and data points with which to analyse their data.

Geocoder 3
geocoder 3

Validity and reliability of psychophysiological data from wearable devices

With an uncompromising focus on quality and reliability, we've remained the first choice for the discerning researcher who requires the best data collection and analysis tools for their work.

We're delighted to report the publication of one of our esteemed customers:
From lab to life: Evaluating the reliability and validity of psychophysiological data from wearable devices in laboratory and ambulatory settings. Behavior Research Methods, 1-20. Hu, X., Sgherza, T. R.,Nothrup, J. B., Fresco, D. M., Naragon-Gainey, K., & Bylsma, L. M. (2024).

more validations

Dyadic Coupling – new movisensXS feature

Lori Scott recently called upon us to help her realise an innovative study design. The protocol required interactive triggers between dyads based on changes in the two individuals HRV. This has led to our newest movisensXS feature "Dyadic Coupling", which allows both individuals in the dyad to receive a form or questionnaire at the same time, regardless of their location or proximity.


DMEA 2024

At this year’s DMEA Connecting Digital Health from 9.04. - 11.04.2024 at Berlin, we are excited to introduce the movisens TherapyDesigner.
A web platform for creating therapy systems.
Our TherapyDesigner is the quickest path to an MDR-compliant digital health application.
We look forward to sharing your possibilities with this magnificent product.

DMEA 2024

movisens InteractionDesigner

Today we're thrilled to introduce the brand new movisens InteractionDesigner

Custom designed chat-based interventions App

What is movisens InteractionDesigner?
In addition to our comprehensive mobile research platform movisensXS we presenting now the InteractionDesigner, a chat-based App for interventions and experience sampling that can be used to create and conduct studies for both iOS and Android.


  • Contemporary user experience through chat interaction
  • Subject and group customised settings
  • iOS and Android
  • Analysis dashboard for carers
  • Analysis dashboard for users
  • Gamification
  • Fine-grained rights system
  • Multilingual
  • Download the results as an Excel table

  • Item Formats

    The interaction with users can be compiled from item formats. It is possible to implement functions such as branching by defining conditions and repetitions.


    For the sampling design (determining when each interaction takes place), different options are available.

    5 steps InteractionDesigner

    The new movisensXS version is full of features which benefits you

    We're thrilled to introduce brand new movisensXS features to enhance your work and provide even more flexibility and customization options. 😊

    This powerful new feature allows you to incorporate game-like elements into your query, such as rewards. Motivate participants to actively engage with your questionnaires and provide more accurate and insightful responses. Gamification increases participation rates, reduces survey fatigue, and allows you to maximize the quality of your data.

    Form Tester
    Ever wished you could preview your questionnaire-forms before launching them to ensure everything looks and functions as intended?
    With form tester, now you can! Our new feature allows you to simulate the questionnaire experience, filling out the form just like a participant would. This lets you catch any errors or make adjustments to optimise it before deployment. The best thing: The form tester does not cost any credits! Access this new feature in the study management section of the online portal.

    Color Picker
    Colors reflect emotions! This item allows participants to express their emotions by selecting a color.

    Mutable Value Editor
    This function is reserved for experts, e.g. study managers within the study management section, and access is secured by a PIN. This function can be used, for example, to make subject-specific settings during an ongoing study by the study management.

    Please contact us to activate any of the features you require.

    New version

    sample for gamification movisensXS

    SPSP 2024

    „California, here we are“

    In this case, 'we' means our sales expert, and sadly he is not going to the beach, but to this year's SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) in San Diego (8-10th feb).
    We are very happy to have a booth there and wish him every success in presenting our products. See you soon 😊

    photo of a San Diego sign on a wall

    Winner student project of the year 2023

    movisens approved 11 exciting student projects

    We congratulate Michael Hareter from the FH Burgenland of Pinkafeld in Austria for winning the student project of the year award 2023 for his project about physical activity at the workplace!

    The aim of this Interactive Ambulatory Assessment study was to increase the physical activity of the participants with the help of ergonomic counselling and workplace adjustments as well as targeted measures. For this purpose activity behaviour (activity classes, posture, energy expenditure) was assessed with the Move 4 activity sensor.
    The prize includes a "Starter Set for Interactive Ambulatory Assessment from movisens"! With an activity sensor Move 4 including accessories, the analisis software DataAnalyzer and a movisensXS Basic Bundle, our winner is perfectly equipped for the next research project.

    New Year, New Opportunities

    movisens continues to promote innovative research ideas in the field of Ambulatory Assessment and Experience Sampling and actively support student projects. movisens provides students the opportunity to implement their study and project ideas using our sensors and software. Every successfully completed student project can take part in the competition for our "Student Project of the Year" award. Only newly submitted student projects are eligible. If you have any questions about our "Student Project of the Year", please get in touch.

    Apply for student project
    movisens promotes numerous programs to support young scientists.