33rd dvs-young talents workshop

At this year's Young Scientists Conference of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) in Bochum, workshops on special topics relevant to sports science research will be offered to complement the small group work. The invited experts will give presentations of about 45 minutes and will be available for questions and discussion afterwards. movisens is pleased to offer a workshop on the topic of ambulatory assessment.


How to get the best from our research solutions?

Here at movisens we pride ourselves on our product reliability. However, we understand that with so many features, sometimes it’s not clear how to get the best from our research solutions. So, we thought we’d let you know the options you have in case a problem arises and you can’t get in touch with us straight away:
The first place to look for an answer is our detailed Documentation site. If you have a question or a problem, very often the solution lies somewhere within. Using the handy search bar at the top of the page, a few key words often guide you to an answer or solution to the problem. Failing that, there’s also a support section within the docs site that lets you know what information you need to provide us for us to swiftly deal with your issue. The more relevant details about the problem we receive, the quicker it is for us to solve it.

Also,don’t forget our YouTube channel features webinars on various topics that showcase and highlight the capabilities of our sensors and software. Some of these contain valuable insights and tips from other researchers and users.

Adaptive RMSSD Trigger

How to detect and analyze emotional episodes in everyday life: Interactive Ambulatory Assessment with Adaptive HRV Trigger

We are very happy to announce that our Adaptive RMSSD Trigger “ is working out very nicely“; according to Lauren Bylsma who published her results at this years SAA conference in Amsterdam.

PsyFaKo 2023

Promoting young talents

movisens promotes numerous programmes to support young scientists, which is why we are happy to support the Psychology Faculty Conference (PsyFaKo) in Ulm this year.

B2Run 2023

Once across the castle garden!

Fun, sports and performance! We're delighted to have been part of this year's B2Run in Karlsruhe! The weather was good, the atmosphere excellent and the results exceptional. Mutual motivation and great team spirit ensured that all our runners made it across the finish line sheltered. 🧡

B2Run 2023

2nd German psychotherapy congress 2023

Enjoying Berlin and presenting our brand new TherapyDesigner for the first time at the 2nd German psychotherapy congress 2023.

The novelty – TherapyDesigner – on the 2nd German psychotherapy congress

Get to know our latest product, the TherapyDesigner; at the 2nd German psychotherapy congress

The TherapyDesigner break new ground as the first standards-compliant web platform for creating and evaluating new therapy systems for prevention, diagnosis and therapy ideas. Design your digital health application consisting of app, web and server components without programming skills and with a genuine benefit for study management, practitioners and patients. At this year’s 2nd German psychotherapy congress on the 10th may at Berlin, we are excited to introduce the movisensTherapyDesigner. Adding new possibilities, from involving practitioners or features like gamification, multilinguality to an iOS and Android App version, the TherapyDesigner blends unmistakable the movisens performance with enhanced versatility to deliver a truly user friendly experience. The TherapyDesigner arrives this summer, but the opportunity to get detailed information about it is available in Berlin.

SBM 2023

Meet the movisens Team at this year 44th Annual Meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine's in Phoenix, Arizona

The world needs behavioral medicine now more than ever and we are there when the largest yearly behavioral medicine (SBM) gathering in the world takes place. Under the meeting theme "Translating Science into Impact" you get insights into how the implementation of behavioural medicine can be realised in practice.
Don't forget to visit our exhibit booth to get a special look at our technologies for behavioral medicine.

44th Annual Meeting & Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine's
26. - 29. April 2023

SBM Phoenix

SAS 2023

In keeping with the Society for Affective Science (SAS) mission statement to promote basic and applied research in fields such as psychology, medicine, and sociology, we are back at their annual conference this year in Long Beach. In the famous Golden State, our sunshine contributor Darren McLennan will be taking to the field to promote our international collaborations and contacts. We are looking forward to it!

March 30 – April 1, 2023

SAS Long beach