Ambulatory Assessment has become the gold standard for the recording of physical and mental characteristics

Yesterday we were present at the "Colloquium Ambulatory Assessment" at KIT (Campus South), where we took the opportunity to get in touch with loyal customers as well as new interested parties.
Exciting presentations were given by Dr. Wenzel & Prof. Kubiak (University of Mainz), Dr. Neubauer (DIPF Frankfurt) and Prof. Koval (University of Melbourne); afterwards questions were asked relentlessly.


British Association of Sport and Exercise Science
movisens is very pleased to present itself this year on the BASES. The Conference will take place on 15. -16.11.2022 in Leicester, England.
We cordially invite all interested parties to visit our stand and learn more about our applications and products.


The European Association of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Treatment (EACLIPT) will take place on 11. - 12.11.2022 in Warsaw.

movisens will give a be-workshop on this conference at Thursday (10.11.2022) on the topic "Introduction and Overview of Ambulatory Assessment and Just In Time Adaptive Interventions".
We're also very pleased to be able to present ourself at the conference too and invite all interested parties to visit us at our booth and learn more about our applications and products.

We are looking forward to numerous interested parties!

DGVM 2022

Congress of the German Society for Behavioural Medicine and Behavioural Modification (DGVM)
movisens was very pleased to offer a workshop at this year's DGVM Congress in Salzburg on the topic: Introduction and Overview of Ambulatory Assessment and Just In Time Adaptive Interventions.
A big thank you to the many interested participants - it was a wonderful event!

webinar: movisensXS Advanced features & Release of the new Analysis Dashboard

How to optimize your Experience Sampling study with advanced movisensXS Features!

movisensXS provides a complete online solution from the study design phase to the actual results – for the creation of forms many different item formats can be used.
In this upcoming webinar we will summarize the movisensXS standard features before focusing on the advanced features to optimize your study results. As a webinar highlight we will reveal a new feature which represents a great leap for the visualization of your study results.
So stay tuned and safe your spot in time!


Congress of the German Society for Psychology
movisens is very pleased to be able to present itself at the congress of the DGPs in Hildesheim.
We cordially invite all interested parties to visit us at our booth and learn more about our applications and products.


WE'RE HIRING: Research Consultant

  • Degree (e.g. in the fields of psychology or sports science or marketing or business administration) desirable
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Independent working style and initiative
  • Experience in the marketing of explanation-intensive technical products
  • Good understanding of mobile monitoring and IT solutions
  • Technical and methodical consulting and training of our users
  • Product presentaion at conferences in Germany or abroad
  • Cooperation in the continuous improvment of products and product range
  • Collaboration in the creation of marketing documents, websites, user manuals and social media contributions

movisens technologies used in current projects

The Heart and Diving
We're excited to support Giuseppe Di Tursi from Politecnico di Milano in his explorative research study "Cuore e Subaquea" on cardiac physiology during immersion with our ECG sensors. This is the first study of its kind focused on assessing the feasibility to monitor the Electrocardiogram and Seismocardiogram (i.e. the measurement of chest’s vibrations induced by cardiac mechanical activity) during a diving session. The main goal and the innovation of this investigation stands in evaluating and quantifying the spontaneous adaptation of myocardial mechanics to the underwater environment.
Now the study is published on "Divers for the Environment June 2022".

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The 16th European Congress of Sports & Exercise Psychology (FEPSAC) opens its doors from 11.07. - 16.07.2022 in Padova, Italy. Under the motto "challenges and opportunities in a changing world", this event is the most comprehensive international congress for sports psychology and movisens is delighted to be part of it.

ACSM 2022

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM ) Annual Meeting & World Congresses will be held in San Diego CA, USA from 31 May to 4 June 2022. This meeting is the most comprehensive conference for sports medicine and sports science and movisens is excited to be an exhibitor at ACSM this year.