Aging and Cognition conference April 20-22, 2017

We're happy to announce that we're a Silver Partner helping to support the 4th International "Aging & Cognition" Conference in Zurich, Switzerland. The conference (also the 2nd Conference of the European Cognitive Ageing Society) will bring together researchers from all over the world to discuss the subject of cognition, cognitive neuroscience for healthy aging, and also interventions aimed towards mitigating age related cognitive decline.

In our booth we'll be discussing the use of cognitive tests in experience sampling and ambulatory assessment, so make sure to drop by and learn about our latest developments in the field.

New sensor EdaMove 3 now available

The EdaMove sensor emerges fresh from the lab with its version 3 upgrade complete. The same high quality data you’ve come to trust and respect, now capable of interacting with our cloud based experience sampling platform movisensXS.
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Ambulatory Assessment workshop with Prof. Ulrich Ebner-Priemer

movisens, together with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ebner-Priemer will hold a workshop on Ambulatory Assessment in Karlsruhe on the 6th and 7th of April 2017. The ubiquitous nature of smartphones allows electronic diaries to be increasingly useful in psychological research. This data collection method, referred to as Experience Sampling Method or Ecological Momentary Assessment, can also collect physiological data to complement and refine the subjective parameters.

The workshop seeks to provide the participants an overview of the possibilities of ambulatory assessments, including the difficulties and key considerations. The theory part of the workshop covers the background principles from a scientific point of view. Subsequently, participants will have an opportunity to program and design their own e-diary studies in movisensXS under the guidance of the movisens team. A brief evaluation of the data using SPSS will follow.

movisens looks forward to seeing you all at the workshop, where we can discuss the exciting new topics and developing field of Ambulatory Assessments.

New White Paper Activity Algorithms

Our very own Florian Richert crafted a fascinating white paper about the difficulties of accurately assessing energy expenditure using actigraphy. He details the history of interpreting accelerometer data, highlighting the advantages of a transparent method of calculation and the importance of capturing raw data in the sensor. Focusing on the quest to accurately estimate energy expenditure, Florian delves in to the existing research and reveals the weaknesses in the current approach and the way forward to develop a sustainable method of calculating parameters from accelerometer data as newer and better algorithms are devised.

The paper carves through the different existing methodologies and presents solid recommendations for integrating high quality accelerometer data in future research. In particular, utilising physiological data to assist in capturing psychological data in an ambulatory setting.

We hope you enjoy it.

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Our Distributors

As a global leader in ambulatory assessment solutions, movisens is seeking distributors to assist in servicing our customers throughout the world. If you're interested in distributing our class leading range of sensors in your particular country, please get in touch.

You can find an overview of our current distributors here.

Capture the answers when it matters – SensorTrigger

Now it’s finally possible… capturing Experience Sampling data in sync with physiological parameters!

Previously discovering any relationships between physiological and subjective data would require cross referencing the information after the study. What if we said you can now detect heart rate and have it trigger a form? Or even psychological stress? Or you’d like to track Activity Levels? We’ve got you covered with that and more…

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movisens Workshop during HEPA-Symposium in Karlsruhe

The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and HEPA Europe (European Network for the Promotion of Health-Enhancing Physical Activity) invites all interested parties to the 2017 HEPA Symposium. The symposium takes place from March 29th to 30th, 2017 at the KIT Sports Institute, Karlsruhe, with the main theme of “Physical activity and physical fitness as determinants of health in children and adolescents". Physical activity and fitness researchers will present and exchange the latest breakthroughs in this exciting field, with posters, presentations, lectures and workshops filling the two day event. Interesting new research methods will be discussed and presented, specifically a workshop on "Methods for Interactive Ambulatory Assessment of Physical Activity and Lifestyle" unveils some exciting developments from us at movisens. We look forward to meeting you and all the other innovative researchers in this exciting field, and hope to hear your feedback about our new interactive ambulatory assessment system during the symposium.

New white paper available

We've just added a few white papers to our website that we thought you may find interesting.

Energy Expenditure

First is a validation paper on the energy expenditure calculation of the Move II (now superceded by the Move 3). Some manufacturers are still utilising basic linear regression models to calculate the energy expeniture in their activity sensors. This paper demonstrates the advantages of utilising an activity class based algorithm vs. a basic linear regression to obtain a more accurate estimation of energy expenditure. It's somewhat old news, but it's good to remind everyone occasionaly of the superiority of our activity based method over the basic linear regression model.

White Paper Move II Validation Energy Expenditure

R-Peak Detection

Secondly we have a validation of the R-peak detection capabilities of the EkgMove (now superceded by the EcgMove 3). This paper puts the EkgMove through it's paces by introducing movement artefacts and validating the detection capabilities in reference to the Somnoscreen plus.

White Paper Validity of R-Peak Detection


The measurement of arousal using Electro Dermal Activity (Galvanic Skin Response) is often hindered by factors like movement, temperature and exercise. This paper highlights the benefits of capturing activity data in addition to EDA/GSR. It details a method that can isolate the emotional arousal component of EDA/GSR using our EdaMove sensor.

White paper EdaMove Effects of Stimuli

The 7th. International HRV-Symposium in Halle

movisens is proud to be the main sponsor of the 7th International Heart Rate Variability Symposium. The symposium takes place in Halle on the 4th of March 2017, and explores heart rate variabilities role in Sports Science, Occupational and Intensive Care, and Cardiology. This symposium allows interested parties to gain an up-to-date overview of Heart Rate Variability research, methods and applications. Practical lectures, contributions and poster displays provide the framework to discuss the variety of possible HRV applications. The movisens team looks forward to hearing all the exciting discussions and welcomes you to our booth!

Light and Activity Sensor LightMove 3

We took our acclaimed accelerometer technology and added 5 channels of light detection (Red, Green, Blue, Clear, IR) to develop our newest solution for ambulatory assessment:
Light and Activity Sensor LightMove 3

Capable of recording ambient light, 3D acceleration, temperature, and barometric air pressure data for up to two months, our sensor is ideal for research into the effect of light exposure and physical activity in the fields of:

  • Depression
  • Sleep analysis
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Shift work
  • Behavioral monitoring


  • The ability to easily calculate parameters like activity class, steps, energy expenditure, light irradiance or illuminance
  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart allowing live transmission of data calculated on the sensor
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