movisens understands the value of student projects, enabling researchers to test hypotheses in a pilot study and providing students valuable experience in study design and execution. movisens supports students with innovative ideas through the loan of our sensors for a limited time and/or free credits on our experience sampling platform - movisensXS. Every successfully completed student project can take part in our competition for "Student Project of the Year Award". Attractive prizes await the winner.
We consider your application in terms of creativity and innovation, and notify you of acceptance or recommend modifications. Upon the completion of your project, we feature it on our website, and also have a brief conversation with you about your experience with our products. The support for the student projects remains limited to 6 sensors for a period of 6 weeks, and only available for students within the EU.

To apply for your student project, please fill out the application form behinde or open it in your Browser
"apply for student project"

We look forward to your entry and wish you every success!