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Latest Publications

  • The Effects of Stimulus Duration and Group Size on Wearable Physiological Synchrony.
    I.V. Stuldreher & J.B.F. van Erp & A.M. Brouwer (2022) in: Measuring Behavior 2022, Volume 2, 12th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioral Research, and 6th Seminar on Behavioral Methods (2).
  • E-Mental-Health aftercare for children and adolescents after partial or full inpatient psychiatric hospitalization: study protocol of the randomized controlled DigiPuR trial.
    M. Finkbeiner & J. Kühnhausen & J. Schmid et al. (2022) in: Trials (23). Read more...
  • Bidirectional Relations Between Daily Stress and Sleep Among Black Emerging Adults.
    J.P. Maher & M. Batts & A.L. Rebar et al. (2022) in: Annals of Behavioral Medicine (kaac015). Read more...