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It has never been easier to record subjective and objective data quickly and precisely in everyday life.

What are we doing?
movisens offers solutions in the field of ambulatory assessment and mobile monitoring. Objective parameters can be measured with mobile sensors. In addition, the movisensXS platform offers a perfect solution for the area of experience sampling. Both functions can be combined with each other, so that questionnaires and interventions can be triggered on the participants smartphone by the sensor trigger.

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Latest Publications

  • Perceptions of Stress and Mood Associated With Listening to Music in Daily Life During the COVID-19 Lockdown.
    A.C. Feneberg & A. Stijovic & P. A. G. Forbes et al. (2023) in: JAMA Netw Open (6). Read more...
  • How does burnout relate to daily work-related rumination and well-being of psychotherapists? A daily diary study among psychotherapeutic practitioners.
    K. Gossmann & R. F. Schmid & C. Loos et al. (2023) in: Frontiers in Psychiatry (13). Read more...
  • A comparative evaluation of resting state proxies of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity in adolescent major depression.
    T. Moretta & M. Kaess & J. Koenig (2023) in: Journal of Neural Transmission.