Latest Publications

  • Lessons learned from conducting a study of emotions and positive personality change in Syrian origin young adults who have recently resettled in the Netherlands.
    J.M. Chung & L. Meijer & R. Zonneveld et al. (2022) in: European Journal of Personality (0 (0)).
  • Sensor technology in eating disorders research: A systematic review.
    E. K. Presseller & A.G.G. Patarinski & S.C. Fan et al. (2022) in: International Journal of Eating Disorders. Read more...
  • Does dispositional self-control moderate the association between stress at work and physical activity after work? A real-life study with police officers.
    R. Schilling & R. Cody & S. Ludyga et al. (2022) in: German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research. Read more...

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