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It has never been easier to record subjective and objective data quickly and precisely in everyday life.

What are we doing?
movisens offers solutions in the field of ambulatory assessment and mobile monitoring. Objective parameters can be measured with mobile sensors. In addition, the movisensXS platform offers a perfect solution for the area of experience sampling. Both functions can be combined with each other, so that questionnaires and interventions can be triggered on the participants smartphone by the sensor trigger.

The new digital possibility of MDR-compliant research is now available!


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Latest Publications

  • Digitizing Travel Experience: Assessing, Modeling and Visualizing the Experiences of Travelers in Shared Mobility Services.
    K. Ihme & T. Christ & F. Walocha et al. (2023) in: AET. Read more...
  • Daily Life Methods in Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood Studies in Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia: A Scoping Review.
    L. Šutić & M. Novak (2023) in: Youth (3 (4)). Read more...
  • Analysis of EDA and Heart Rate Signals for Emotional Stimuli Responses.
    H. Arabian & R. Schmid & V. Wagner-Hartl et al. (2023) in: Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering (9(1)). Read more...