TherapyDesigner allows you to

  • Implement innovative ideas for digital prevention, diagnosis and therapy services in the shortest time possible
  • Design digital health applications consisting of a mobile app, web and server components without programming skills
  • Evaluate new prevention, diagnosis, therapy ideas in the field with patients / participants

TherapyDesigner offers

  • Automated and on-demand interventions in everyday life
  • An intuitive app with chat UI for the patient
  • A comprehensive web dashboard for researchers and practitioners to administer the study or monitor treatment progress

TherapyDesigner supports you

  • In complying with the processes required by the MDR
  • In the preparation of regulatory documentation
  • In conducting clinical trials

Look and Feel - TherapyDesigner


Extensive design options

Design the interactions of the healthcare application according to your needs. A variety of item formats are available with which you can make chat conversations intuitive and interactive.

Customizable configuration

Through the TherapyDesigner web platform and app, you can individually configure your health app for each subject. You define the configuration and who is authorized to adjust it in the Therapy Designer interface.

iOS and Android

The TherapyDesigner app is available for both Android and iOS via their respective appstores.

Integration of therapists

The roles and rights concept allows you to give treatment providers access to the dashboard of individual subjects. There you can view the collected data or adjust the configuration for the subject.

Data analysis and feedback

TherapyDesigner can analyze the collected data and display it according to your wishes in the web dashboard or in the app. A trend analysis? A pie chart representation or a box plot? You define what is displayed and how.


Increase compliance with the integrated gamification system. A tree should flourish when a user responds with regularity? No problem, you decide what happens when.

Easy study administration

Manage studies with the TherapyDesigner web platform. Organize subject groups and subjects or add helpers to assist with administration. All made possible by the integrated roles and rights concept.


Planning a multinational study or want to make your application multilingual? You can store as many languages as you want. The app then automatically selects the right language for the user.

Automated data export

TherapyDesigner offers extensive options (including a REST API) to export the data of individual subjects or even the entire study. For example, you can also transfer the data to other study databases or systems.

Project flow

You contact us and present your idea

We discuss the implementation options with you and prepare a quotation

You specify your application step-by-step with our support

We configure an application according to your wishes

You create the documentation for the ethics committee with us

We run your application on our TherapyDesigner platform

Sample project