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28.10.2021 - 30.10.2021
Freiburg, Deutschland

Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Neueste Publikationen

  • Motivational and emotional effects of social comparison in sports.
    K. Diel & L. Broeker & M. Raab et al. (2021) in: Elsevier - Psychology of Sport and Exercise (57). Read more...
  • The context matters - not all prolonged sitting bouts are equally related to momentary affective states: an ambulatory assessment with sedentary-triggered E-diaries.
    M. Kanning & C. Niermann & U. Ebner-Priemer et al. (2021) in: International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (18:106). Read more...
  • Nature contact and psychological well-being in adults.
    Sara Park Perrins (2021).
  • Heart rate variability, postural sway and electrodermal activity in competitive golf putting.
    F. Scalise & D. Margonato & A. Frigerio et al. (2021) in: The Journal of Sports Medicine and physical fitness (July;61(7)). Read more...
  • Evaluating the Temporal Dynamics of a Structured Experience: Real-Time Skin Conductance and Experience Reconstruction Measures.
    W. Strijbosch & O. Mitas & T. Blaricum et al. (2021) in: Leisure Sciences. Read more...

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