Feedback from our customers

"We used movisens in a project on older adults’ media use and well-being to deliver daily questionnaires to our participants. With this versatile tool, everything went smoothly; the support team’s help was extremely valuable in tailoring the perfect solution for this project."

Matthias Hofer, Universität Zürich, Department of Communication and Media Research

"We were able to carry out the "SleepCoach" project with movisens in 2015. After the positive experience with the team, we used the sensors and apps for a series of further studies, in which, among other things, ECG and actigraphy as well as various questionnaires were collected via smartphones over a week. The sensors are reliable and deliver good data quality. The movisensXS questionnaires were easily created via web UI and integrated into a sampling plan; the app was well received by the participants and the data management provided was very professional. Proximity to research, availability of evaluation algorithms, openness of data formats as well as fast and competent service make movisens a recommendable partner for studies."

Dr. Bernd Feige, University Medical Center Freiburg, Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

"Since 2017 we have been using the EcgMove sensors in our studies at several centers (University Hospital Tübingen, University Hospital Aachen and Epilepsy Center Kleinwachau) and are very satisfied with the results, the quality of the signals as well as the processing. The sensors are very well accepted by our study participants in both clinical and outpatient settings. The sensors are worn over several days and continuously discharged (during everyday activities, sports, sleep and in the clinical environment). Furthermore, the clinic staff (study coordinators and MTAs) welcome the easy handling of the devices. Beyond the quality of the sensors, the good support in case of questions is another reason why we will continue to rely on movisens sensors in our studies in the future."

Florian Lutz, Co-founder monikit

"Since 2012, we collaborated constructively with the movisens team to implement the "Paracelsus 10,000 Study (Salzburg, Austria)". We used the moveII sensor, and have already been able to collect a considerable amount of 7 day data sets. The people aged 50-60 years found the sensor uncomplicated and easy to use. Co-operating with movisens proves a great pleasure, as the translation of science and research into the scope of application for clinical and sports science practice is marked by a high level of professionalism and competence!"

Assoc. Prof Dr. Susanne Ring-Dimitriou, University of Salzburg, Interfaculty Department of Sport and Exercise Science

"Our field research focusing on individual measurement of quality of life in old age is supported by movisens' sensors, and for outpatient studies movisensXS is a recommendable solution. The support and care provided by the expert staff is excellent."

Alexander Seifert, University of Zurich, Center for Gerontology

"Sensors from movisens are the method of choice for our research into the functional change of the autonomic nervous system in children and adolescents with psychiatric illnesses. The support of movisens employees for third-party funding applications, expert advice and concrete help with the implementation of research projects is unique."

Dr. Julian Koenig, University of Heidelberg, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

"The movisens products are well-conceived, and make it relatively easy to design and implement ambulatory assessment studies. The support they have provided along the way has also been first rate."

Dr. Andrew J. White, University of Mannheim, Clinical and Biological Psychology and Psychotherapy, Germany

"We have been pleased to work with the movisens Team on a project aiming at continuously monitoring patients with cancer at home. movisens products have proven to be accurate and reliable. The engineering team has customized the product as per our needs, and did always provide us with a perfect support."

Thierry Didi, Managing Director & Co-founder, Eeleo, France

"Other software solutions did not work; now using movisensXS, works nicely. "

Dr. Wolff Schlotz, University of Regensburg, Germany

"You're doing great stuff!! "

Thomas Kamarck, University of Pittsburgh

"It’s on the cutting edge of mobile healthcare technologies! I've been so impressed with how well the movisens software is working. It's extremely flexible, easy to use, and maybe most importantly, very easy to deploy."

Tyler Wray, Brown University

"The app made it easy for me to setup an Experience Sampling study."

Preethi Srinivas, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis