The 49th Anniversary of the ASP featuring movisens

On the 25th to the 27th of May, the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sportpsychologie (German Society for Sport Psychology) will meet for their 49th anniversary. Joining them will be the Swiss Association of Sport Psychology, with the meeting to take place in the beautiful city of Bern, Switzerland. We'd like to thank all the organisers, the ASP, SASP, and the University of Bern, for inviting us to be exhibitors at the meeting. Under the banner of "Successful Development through the Stages of Life" questions about talent detection and promotion, personality development through sport, as well as the importance of using sport and movement as a means to age gracefully will come under discussion.

The participants come together to work upon solutions and propose ideas on how to answer these questions and implement the solutions. You'll find us on the exhibition floor, where we're happy to show you the new psycho-physiological measuring methods and equipment that we've developed, and their innovative applications within this field.

Ambulatory Cognition Tests in movisensXS

If the words Psychomotor Vigilance Task, Dual N Back, or Sustained Attention to Response Test prick up your ears, then we have some good news. We've integrated these cognition tests into movisensXS, allowing you to gather objective data on your participants through their smartphones.
Now you can perform ambulatory measurements of cognitive performance in addition to the collection of behavioual and subjective data.
If you have a test that you'd like to implement that's not currently available in movisensXS, please get in touch with us and share your ideas. We can help develop them with you, allowing you to carry out your study according to your ideas!
For more information on the cognition tests click here!