Validity and reliability of psychophysiological data from wearable devices

With an uncompromising focus on quality and reliability, we've remained the first choice for the discerning researcher who requires the best data collection and analysis tools for their work.

We're delighted to report the publication of one of our esteemed customers:
From lab to life: Evaluating the reliability and validity of psychophysiological data from wearable devices in laboratory and ambulatory settings. Behavior Research Methods, 1-20. Hu, X., Sgherza, T. R.,Nothrup, J. B., Fresco, D. M., Naragon-Gainey, K., & Bylsma, L. M. (2024).

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Dyadic Coupling – new movisensXS feature

Lori Scott recently called upon us to help her realise an innovative study design. The protocol required interactive triggers between dyads based on changes in the two individuals HRV. This has led to our newest movisensXS feature "Dyadic Coupling", which allows both individuals in the dyad to receive a form or questionnaire at the same time, regardless of their location or proximity.


DMEA 2024

At this year’s DMEA Connecting Digital Health from 9.04. - 11.04.2024 at Berlin, we are excited to introduce the movisens TherapyDesigner.
A web platform for creating therapy systems.
Our TherapyDesigner is the quickest path to an MDR-compliant digital health application.
We look forward to sharing your possibilities with this magnificent product.

DMEA 2024