movisensXS September Update

Today we're rolling out a new version (0.2.2048) with a few improvements.

movisensXS is now available on Google Play

XS_Bild_installThis makes installation and updating a lot easier. If you are still running an old version please grab the update here.

Likert Scale

XS_likert_scaleThe Likert Scale is one of the longest awaited features. It is now available. Just drag and drop it into your form.

Lots of smaller improvements

  • Added Demo Study ot the movisensXS App to testdrive the App
  • Added automatic restart after update of movisensXS App
  • Added option to refresh configuration
  • Improved preferences
  • Improved PIN entry
  • Improved locking of other apps
  • Fixed error with Inactivity Alarm
  • Fixed problem with GeoPoint Item
  • Smaller bugfixes
All your studies and configurations has been updated. To use them please update your movisensXS app and refresh your configuration in the study control screen (see red box on the image on the right).