Student Project of the Year 2021

“New Year, New Luck”

movisens continues to promote innovative research ideas in the field of Ambulatory Assessment and actively support student projects. movisens provides students the opportunity to implement their study and project ideas using our sensors and software.
Every successfully completed student project can take part in the competition for our "Student Project of the Year" award. Only newly submitted student projects are eligible. We’ll announce the winning project for 2021 in the last newsletter of the year, along with their prizes.
If you have any questions about our "Student Project of the Year", please get in touch any time.
To apply, please send an e-mail containing the Application Form of the student project to

Download Application Form

We look forward to your participation and wish you a good luck!

Webinar: The valid and reliable measurement of sedentary behavior

movisens presents modern sensor solutions, and shares information from experienced researchers within the field of sedentary behavior.

  • Valid measurement of sedentary behaviour
  • Current possibilities with movisens equipment
  • Best practice example study
  • Innovations by movisens