movisensXS feature – geocoder 3

Location - Location - Location

If you'd like to discover the effect of location on your participant, then the new geocoder 3 function for movisensXS is just the tool for you.
The geocoder 3 detects static locations of a participant and allows the labelling of those locations by given or self-defined tags. It allows the user to label new static locations, without overwriting previous entries. This provides researchers both added context and data points with which to analyse their data.

Geocoder 3
geocoder 3

Dyadic Coupling – new movisensXS feature

Lori Scott recently called upon us to help her realise an innovative study design. The protocol required interactive triggers between dyads based on changes in the two individuals HRV. This has led to our newest movisensXS feature "Dyadic Coupling", which allows both individuals in the dyad to receive a form or questionnaire at the same time, regardless of their location or proximity.


The new movisensXS version is full of features which benefits you

We're thrilled to introduce brand new movisensXS features to enhance your work and provide even more flexibility and customization options. 😊

This powerful new feature allows you to incorporate game-like elements into your query, such as rewards. Motivate participants to actively engage with your questionnaires and provide more accurate and insightful responses. Gamification increases participation rates, reduces survey fatigue, and allows you to maximize the quality of your data.

Form Tester
Ever wished you could preview your questionnaire-forms before launching them to ensure everything looks and functions as intended?
With form tester, now you can! Our new feature allows you to simulate the questionnaire experience, filling out the form just like a participant would. This lets you catch any errors or make adjustments to optimise it before deployment. The best thing: The form tester does not cost any credits! Access this new feature in the study management section of the online portal.

Color Picker
Colors reflect emotions! This item allows participants to express their emotions by selecting a color.

Mutable Value Editor
This function is reserved for experts, e.g. study managers within the study management section, and access is secured by a PIN. This function can be used, for example, to make subject-specific settings during an ongoing study by the study management.

Please contact us to activate any of the features you require.

New version

sample for gamification movisensXS

webinar: movisensXS Advanced features & Release of the new Analysis Dashboard

How to optimize your Experience Sampling study with advanced movisensXS Features!

movisensXS provides a complete online solution from the study design phase to the actual results – for the creation of forms many different item formats can be used.
In this upcoming webinar we will summarize the movisensXS standard features before focusing on the advanced features to optimize your study results. As a webinar highlight we will reveal a new feature which represents a great leap for the visualization of your study results.
So stay tuned and safe your spot in time!

Winner of the raffle at the APS Conference 2021

Congratulations John McGill from the DePaul University in Chicago for winning a movisensXS Basic Bundle along with a Study Design Check at the APS Conference.
The movisens team wishes John McGill all the best for his research project with movisensXS.

Student Poject of the Year

As part of movisens' 10th anniversary, the best student project is being awarded a prize for the student and the supervisor. You can now register for this competition with your student project. Every successfully completed student project can take part in the competition. This also applies to former students who have successfully completed a student project together with movisens in the past 10 years.

Student Project of the Year

EMA-Study of COVID-19

The Institute for Psychology at the University of Vienna currently utilises movisensXS in the study: „The COVID-19 crisis, stress, mood, and behaviour: an ecological momentary assessment study“ headed by Claus Lamm, Urs Nater and Giorgia Silani. This study aims to investigate the effects of the acute phase of the COVID-19 crisis on stress, mood, and behaviour using an ecological momentary assessment approach via a smartphone-app.

Participants receive questions multiple times a day about their current current well-being via a notification from a customised version of the movisensXS-App on their smartphone. Using this method allows a thorough analysis of the different elements of the questionnaires and their changes over time.

Learn more about the possibilities of conducting studies with movisens in times of the Corona crisis.

movisensXS App Version 1.5

SensorTrigger functionality fully integrated in movisensXS

We're proud to announce that the sensor trigger for Experience Sampling and Ecological Momentary Assessment studies is now out of Beta. Now you can implement innovative research ideas by coupling one of our class leading activity sensors with movisensXS - our intuitive and comprehensive experience sampling platform - to capture truly insightful data.

Our research grade sensors analyze physiological parameters in real time and transmit the results via Bluetooth Smart. This allows individually configurable algorithms to trigger forms in movisensXS based on changes in physiology that the researcher wants to examine. By implementing one of our existing algorithms, the detection of physiological changes, such as high activity levels, sedentary behaviour, heart rate variability (RMSSD), and heart rate thresholds (among many others), can act as a trigger within your EMA/ESM study.

You have the freedom to select different algorithms for each individual participant, and also further customize the existing algorithms within groups. There's a range of existing algorithms developed for specific research projects that provide a small sampling of what is possible with this innovative technology.

If you have an existing algorithm that you would like to utilize, or an idea for a physiological marker that you would like to have as a trigger, we can work with you to implement this idea and develop your study.

Since the Beta we have added the possibility to skip the coupling of sensors when starting a study, allowing you to couple or re-couple sensors later.

If you want to use the movisens Sensor trigger feature please drop us a line under and tell us the Email address of your movisensXS account so we can grant you access to the feature. The full documentation describing the features can be found in our docs website.

Improved wizard for sending debug information

In case a study does not run correctly on a particular smartphone you can send us debug information from the Settings Screen. It is now required to type some description of the problem. This helps us to spot possible problems and continue to improve the user experience for everyone.

More Improvements

  • Added Android 9 compatibility
  • Fixed bug with Android Oreo or higher where notification sound can't be defined after startup anymore
  • Added new dnd mode detection and prevention
  • Changed behaviour in case of unexpected app restarts, which occasionally caused studies not to function in some rare cases
  • Replaced Google Cloud Messaging with Firebase Cloud Messaging
  • Fixed problems with DnD mode permission not being available in devices
  • Fixed notification sound and channels with all different android versions
  • Fixed bug in mutable values if they start with a whitespace
  • Added possibility to disable the feedback for the cognitive Tests PVT and SART
  • Fixed smaller bugs

Improvements of beta features (available on request)

  • Changed Sampling Block "Log device running" to log every minute
  • Added new "One Of" block to select randomized actions like forms
  • Added possibility to analyze the results on an external server and trigger actions based on the analysis
  • Added "Multi Geofence Trigger" which allows the specification of multiple geofences in a csv file
  • Added "Log Static Locations" block and "Label Static Locations" item to record and label static locations of a participant during a study
  • Added new "Play Sound Repeatedly" item

The next app release

Warning: The next release will drop the support for Android versions below Android 4.4. We have to do this step to increase the security of the encrypted data transfer as recommended by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). Please make sure that you finish your study on Phones with Android lower than 4.4 in the next month and upload all data from these devices before 01.04.2020 otherwise you are not able to upload the data any more. As always, let us know if you have any questions. Please spread the word and tell your colleagues about our great new features.