Integrating Physiological and Subjective data

The high fidelity of our physiological sensors provides a huge benefit to researchers keen on incorporating physiological data in to their research. The ease of use of our experience sampling platform also provides a vast treasure trove of subjective participant data. When gathering both physiological and subjective data together on one or more participant(s), researchers can accrue vast volumes far quicker than expected.

This brings forth the question of how to arrange the data for further statistical evaluation. With this in mind, movisens presents the DataMerger – a software tool that synchronises and merges data from different sources. Developed with the synchronisation of physiological measurement data and experience sampling data in mind, the DataMerger takes data from different sources and combines it to allow for further statistical analysis. Possible data sources include:

  • Data from movisens Sensors analysed by movisens DataAnalyzer
  • Form Results from the experience sampling platform movisensXS
  • Mobile sensing data from the experience sampling platform movisensXS
  • Annotated Geolocation Data from the movisens geocoder
  • Custom time series data from other sources with compatible date/time format

DataMerger also supports data structures from studies with multiple centers, with multiple measurement times, multiple groups and multiple measurement parts. It can handle equidistant and non-equidistant data series. The output generates a table with equidistant data. You can specify the output interval.


  • Integrating objective Sensor Data and subjective Data
  • Supports different Study Design Structures


  • Interactive Ambulatory Assessment
  • Data Synchronisation

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Documentation and Support

System Requirements

The DataMerger requires:

  • A PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, 64 bit
  • Administrator rights during installation
  • A minimum of ~200 MB free space on hard disc

Change History

  • Add support for geocoder data sources
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