The new movisensXS version is full of features which benefits you

We're thrilled to introduce brand new movisensXS features to enhance your work and provide even more flexibility and customization options. 😊

This powerful new feature allows you to incorporate game-like elements into your query, such as rewards. Motivate participants to actively engage with your questionnaires and provide more accurate and insightful responses. Gamification increases participation rates, reduces survey fatigue, and allows you to maximize the quality of your data.

Form Tester
Ever wished you could preview your questionnaire-forms before launching them to ensure everything looks and functions as intended?
With form tester, now you can! Our new feature allows you to simulate the questionnaire experience, filling out the form just like a participant would. This lets you catch any errors or make adjustments to optimise it before deployment. The best thing: The form tester does not cost any credits! Access this new feature in the study management section of the online portal.

Color Picker
Colors reflect emotions! This item allows participants to express their emotions by selecting a color.

Mutable Value Editor
This function is reserved for experts, e.g. study managers within the study management section, and access is secured by a PIN. This function can be used, for example, to make subject-specific settings during an ongoing study by the study management.

Please contact us to activate any of the features you require.

New version

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