movisens InteractionDesigner

Today we're thrilled to introduce the brand new movisens InteractionDesigner

Custom designed chat-based interventions App

What is movisens InteractionDesigner?
In addition to our comprehensive mobile research platform movisensXS we presenting now the InteractionDesigner, a chat-based App for interventions and experience sampling that can be used to create and conduct studies for both iOS and Android.


  • Contemporary user experience through chat interaction
  • Subject and group customised settings
  • iOS and Android
  • Analysis dashboard for carers
  • Analysis dashboard for users
  • Gamification
  • Fine-grained rights system
  • Multilingual
  • Download the results as an Excel table

  • Item Formats

    The interaction with users can be compiled from item formats. It is possible to implement functions such as branching by defining conditions and repetitions.


    For the sampling design (determining when each interaction takes place), different options are available.

    5 steps InteractionDesigner

    Adaptive RMSSD Trigger

    How to detect and analyze emotional episodes in everyday life: Interactive Ambulatory Assessment with Adaptive HRV Trigger

    We are very happy to announce that our Adaptive RMSSD Trigger “ is working out very nicely“; according to Lauren Bylsma who published her results at this years SAA conference in Amsterdam.

    B2Run 2023

    Once across the castle garden!

    Fun, sports and performance! We're delighted to have been part of this year's B2Run in Karlsruhe! The weather was good, the atmosphere excellent and the results exceptional. Mutual motivation and great team spirit ensured that all our runners made it across the finish line sheltered. ?

    B2Run 2023

    2nd German psychotherapy congress 2023

    Enjoying Berlin and presenting our brand new TherapyDesigner for the first time at the 2nd German psychotherapy congress 2023.

    Winner Student Project of the Year 2022

    We've now selected the winner of the 2022 competition for student project of the year!
    We congratulate Jakob Prechtl from Julius-Maximilian-University of Würzburg for winning the Student Project of the Year Award 2022 for his"BewiS - Bewegte inklusive Schule" project!

    The prize includes a "Starter Set for Ambulatory Assessment from movisens"! With an activity sensor Move 4 including accessories and the analysis software DataAnalyzer, Jakob is perfectly equipped for her next research project. The winning prize has a total value of around 2000 euros.

    This project "BewiS - Bewegte inklusive Schule" examined the physical condition of children and adolescents with an intellectual disability during various validated sport tests. The activity sensor Move 4 recorded the physical activity of pupils at support centres with a special focus on mental development during the morning lessons. The research approach presumes that this group of people does not move enough for various reasons, which can have an impact on their physical and mental health. Based on the results and in cooperation with the schools, a physical activity concept will be developed to promote the everyday activity in schools. The effects and results of these measures will be recorded and evaluated in the coming years through renewed tests using the Move 4 activity sensors.
    movisens congratulates on this important research work!


    WE'RE HIRING: Research Consultant

    • Degree (e.g. in the fields of psychology or sports science or marketing or business administration) desirable
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Independent working style and initiative
    • Experience in the marketing of explanation-intensive technical products
    • Good understanding of mobile monitoring and IT solutions
    • Technical and methodical consulting and training of our users
    • Product presentaion at conferences in Germany or abroad
    • Cooperation in the continuous improvment of products and product range
    • Collaboration in the creation of marketing documents, websites, user manuals and social media contributions

    movisens technologies used in current projects

    The Heart and Diving
    We're excited to support Giuseppe Di Tursi from Politecnico di Milano in his explorative research study "Cuore e Subaquea" on cardiac physiology during immersion with our ECG sensors. This is the first study of its kind focused on assessing the feasibility to monitor the Electrocardiogram and Seismocardiogram (i.e. the measurement of chest’s vibrations induced by cardiac mechanical activity) during a diving session. The main goal and the innovation of this investigation stands in evaluating and quantifying the spontaneous adaptation of myocardial mechanics to the underwater environment.
    Now the study is published on "Divers for the Environment June 2022".

    read article

    FEPSAC 2022

    The 16th European Congress of Sports & Exercise Psychology (FEPSAC) opens its doors from 11.07. - 16.07.2022 in Padova, Italy. Under the motto "challenges and opportunities in a changing world", this event is the most comprehensive international congress for sports psychology and movisens is delighted to be part of it.

    movisens training in presence

    One of the first movisens trainings that could take place in presence again!
    Our Coaching took place at the Department of Sports, Movement and Health at Universität Basel with Prof. Dr. Gerber (leader of the field Sport and Psychosocial Health) and some of his Team members and covered the use of our EcgMove 4 sensor.
    We’re extremely thankful that so many interested scientists joined us to learn more about movisens and what our devices and software solutions can bring to their psycho-physiological research! Being given the chance to exchange experiences with movisens users all over the world is truly a gift for us.

    If you also desire a movisens training session just get in touch anytime.