movisens InteractionDesigner

Today we're thrilled to introduce the brand new movisens InteractionDesigner

Custom designed chat-based interventions App

What is movisens InteractionDesigner?
In addition to our comprehensive mobile research platform movisensXS we presenting now the InteractionDesigner, a chat-based App for interventions and experience sampling that can be used to create and conduct studies for both iOS and Android.


  • Contemporary user experience through chat interaction
  • Subject and group customised settings
  • iOS and Android
  • Analysis dashboard for carers
  • Analysis dashboard for users
  • Gamification
  • Fine-grained rights system
  • Multilingual
  • Download the results as an Excel table

  • Item Formats

    The interaction with users can be compiled from item formats. It is possible to implement functions such as branching by defining conditions and repetitions.


    For the sampling design (determining when each interaction takes place), different options are available.

    5 steps InteractionDesigner

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