movisensXS October Update

Today we are happy to announce lots of new features in movisensXS.

Simplified Branching

With the movisensXS forms editor you can now easily define if an item should show, depending on the answer of previous Select OneSelect Many and Likertitems. 
Important: If you have used the old Visibility Rule you need to update you configuration, because next time you couple a device the old Visibility Rulewill be deleted.


Improved Forms Editor

We added new icons and new styles to make the use of the forms editor easier to use. You also see an the eye-icon if a visibility rule is defined.

Multi-Item Screen

We have added the Multi-Item Screen which allows to present multiple items on one screen. Of course you can define visiblity rules for the screen and the items inside the screen.

Download Results

XS_Bild_20We have redesigned the results area. You can now download the whole study or download the results of each proband indiviually.

Smaller Improvements

  • Improved Tablet Support
  • Improved Alarm Screen
  • Improved Developer Integration

All your studies and configurations has been updated. To use them please update your movisensXS app and refresh your configuration in the study control screen.