SPSP 2024

„California, here we are“

In this case, 'we' means our sales expert, and sadly he is not going to the beach, but to this year's SPSP (Society for Personality and Social Psychology) in San Diego (8-10th feb).
We are very happy to have a booth there and wish him every success in presenting our products. See you soon 😊

photo of a San Diego sign on a wall

Winner student project of the year 2023

movisens approved 11 exciting student projects

We congratulate Michael Hareter from the FH Burgenland of Pinkafeld in Austria for winning the student project of the year award 2023 for his project about physical activity at the workplace!

The aim of this Interactive Ambulatory Assessment study was to increase the physical activity of the participants with the help of ergonomic counselling and workplace adjustments as well as targeted measures. For this purpose activity behaviour (activity classes, posture, energy expenditure) was assessed with the Move 4 activity sensor.
The prize includes a "Starter Set for Interactive Ambulatory Assessment from movisens"! With an activity sensor Move 4 including accessories, the analisis software DataAnalyzer and a movisensXS Basic Bundle, our winner is perfectly equipped for the next research project.

New Year, New Opportunities

movisens continues to promote innovative research ideas in the field of Ambulatory Assessment and Experience Sampling and actively support student projects. movisens provides students the opportunity to implement their study and project ideas using our sensors and software. Every successfully completed student project can take part in the competition for our "Student Project of the Year" award. Only newly submitted student projects are eligible. If you have any questions about our "Student Project of the Year", please get in touch.

Apply for student project
movisens promotes numerous programs to support young scientists.

New features that will amaze you in January 2024

New sensor integrations and data transmissions.

Customer requests and technical improvements are continuously taken up by movisens and incorporated into our products.

  • Accurately measure skin temperature! The Move 4 and EcgMove 4 are now available asstandard IR (infrared) versions. This enables the continuous acquisition of skin temperature in addition to the wide array of signals recorded.
  • View data in real time! Live-streaming of EDA data now possible with ourEdaMove 4.

Spriesender Pilz als Synonym für Neuerung

SensorManager version 1.16.5 now available!

New sensor firmware update

movisens has released the new SensorManager version 1.16.5. This software release offers a firmware with the following changes:

  • Fixed state of charge for new battery generation
  • Fixed offset calibration of EdaMove
  • Added firmwares to measure skin temperature for Move 4 and EcgMove 4
Install the latest version of the SensorManager and benefit from our improvements.


Meeting SPR 2023

movisens in New Orleans

movisens sends greetings from the annual meeting of the Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR) in beautiful New Orleans. It is a pleasure to be there.
Come and visit us!

Conference of the DPPD 2023

movisens in the city of Mozart

The 17th Biennial Conference of the Differential Psychology, Personality Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics (DPPD) of the German Psychological Society will be held at the University of Salzburg from 24-27 September.
Under the theme "Researching Diversity, Living Diversity", experts will share their advances in this field. movisens will be there to present its technologies for this specific scientific research.
Come and visit us!

33rd dvs-young talents workshop

At this year's Young Scientists Conference of the German Association for Sports Science (dvs) in Bochum, workshops on special topics relevant to sports science research will be offered to complement the small group work. The invited experts will give presentations of about 45 minutes and will be available for questions and discussion afterwards. movisens is pleased to offer a workshop on the topic of ambulatory assessment.


How to get the best from our research solutions?

Here at movisens we pride ourselves on our product reliability. However, we understand that with so many features, sometimes it’s not clear how to get the best from our research solutions. So, we thought we’d let you know the options you have in case a problem arises and you can’t get in touch with us straight away:
The first place to look for an answer is our detailed Documentation site. If you have a question or a problem, very often the solution lies somewhere within. Using the handy search bar at the top of the page, a few key words often guide you to an answer or solution to the problem. Failing that, there’s also a support section within the docs site that lets you know what information you need to provide us for us to swiftly deal with your issue. The more relevant details about the problem we receive, the quicker it is for us to solve it.

Also,don’t forget our YouTube channel features webinars on various topics that showcase and highlight the capabilities of our sensors and software. Some of these contain valuable insights and tips from other researchers and users.

Adaptive RMSSD Trigger

How to detect and analyze emotional episodes in everyday life: Interactive Ambulatory Assessment with Adaptive HRV Trigger

We are very happy to announce that our Adaptive RMSSD Trigger “ is working out very nicely“; according to Lauren Bylsma who published her results at this years SAA conference in Amsterdam.

PsyFaKo 2023

Promoting young talents

movisens promotes numerous programmes to support young scientists, which is why we are happy to support the Psychology Faculty Conference (PsyFaKo) in Ulm this year.