The movisens SensorManager provides an easy interface for you to work with your movisens sensors. It allows you to view the details of your sensors configuration, initiate recordings (including delayed start recordings) and retrieve the data captured by the sensor. It also indicates and allows the installation of new firmwares.

New Features:
  • Improved interoperability between sensor and movisensXS: The coupling of sensor and XS is more stable
  • Readout of very long measurements is optimized: Measurements that record data for several days will be more stable when transferred from sensor to computer
  • Improved usability of the SensorManager
  • Multi-Part-Measurement: If the battery level of the sensor reaches 10%, the sensor automatically switches to standby mode. This pauses the measurement until the participant charges the sensor via the USB cable. The measurement resumes upon the disconnection of the sensor from the cradle, as long as the sensor battery level is greater than 30%.
  • No interruption of the measurement: Connecting the sensor to a PC during a measurement no longer terminates the measurement. Instead, the SensorManager displays the details of the current active measurement.
  • Checking battery level: The SensorManager prevents the commencement of a measurement if the battery level is 10% or lower.
  • Participant configuration: The personal data of the participants can be entered and stored before the measurement starts. 
The movisens SensorManager compatible with our entire range of physiological sensors:
  • Move 4, EcgMove 4, EdaMove 4, LightMove 4
  • Move 3, EcgMove 3, EdaMove 3 LightMove 3
  • Move II, ekgMove, edaMove

Please make sure to use the latest version of the SensorManager, in order to benefit from the continual improvements and firmware updates developed for our sensors.


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  • SensorManager
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System Requirements

The SensorManager requires:

  • A PC with Microsoft Windows 7 or higher, 64bit
  • USB Terminal
  • Administrator rights during installation
  • A minimum of 200 MB free space on hard disc

Change History

  • Updated sensor firmware (1.16.6)
    • Fixed state of charge for new battery generation
    • Fixed offset calibration of EdaMove
    • Added firmwares to measure skin temperature for Move 4 and EcgMove 4
  • Added custom attribute timestampStartUTC to unisens files
  • Allow download of measurement even if sensor reports permanent errors
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.16.5)
    • fixed bug that slowed down USB communication
    • fixed bug that caused USB to not respond anymore
  • SensorManager disables Bluetooth before opening a Sensor
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.16.1)
    • Updated sensor protocol to 1.35.0
    • LEDs can be controlled via USB
    • Avoid access to the sensor via USB and Bluetooth at the same time
    • Sensor is resetted if it is unplugged 6 seconds after plugin and no measurement is active
  • Improved logging of communication with sensor.
  • Bugfix to avoid a sensor to be seen twice by SensorManager
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.15.4)
    • Fixed bug that resets serial number
    • Fixed bug that stopped measurement when recharging (some of the third generation sensors affected)
    • Added a workaround for a bug that crashed Sensor while downloading overflowed log data
  • Added a workaround for a bug that crashed Sensor while downloading overflowed log data
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.15.3)
    • Fixed bug in measurement number generator (lead to start time in 1970)
    • Fixed sensor crash that happened when SensorManager tried to download an overflowed logbuffer
    • Fixed Bluetooth so the sensor can communicate with current Android phones
    • Added variant for 4096 Hz ecg
  • Fixed wrong start time of delayed recording using sensors with firmware versions older than 1.14.0
  • Logs of SensorManager and Sensor are stored in %homepath%\movisens\log
  • If an error occurs during download of measurement data, the SensorManager resumes the download at the last valid position on retry
  • SensorManager is bundled with Java 11
  • Store last start date when sensor is started and show it next time
  • Show message that all data will be deleted when updating firmware using Firmware Updater
  • Firmware Updater asks if a started sensor should be stopped before update
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.15.0)
    • Improved Bluetooth handling (input buffer, logging)
    • Added Bluetooth Characteristics STORAGE_LEVEL, MEASUREMENT_STATUS and COMMAND_RESULT
    • Restricted commands that are received via Bluetooth (e.g. start measurement is only performed if measurement is off)
    • Fixed bug when reading huge log buffer via USB
    • Optimized USB communication and download of measurement data
  • Added shortcut for sensor firmware update
  • Fixed missing new line in sensor log
  • Download of multipart measurements
  • Improved graphical user interface
  • Ask to stop sensor when a started sensor is connected
  • Proband parameter can be set before sensor start
  • Bluetooth can be disabled during measurement
  • Age can be calculated using birthday
  • Write time zone and time offset to sensor before start
  • Fixed GUI freeze when sensor is unpluged right after it is detected
  • Unspecified participant info is not written to unisens
  • Unspecified time zone info is not written to unisens
  • Updated sensor firmware (1.14.2)
    • Multiple measurements can be stored on the sensor
    • Measurement is stopped automatically if battery is less or equal 10%
    • If measurement is stopped because of low battery it is restarted again after the battery is charged to at least 30%
    • Information about the user can be set in the sensor (age, heigt, sensorLocation, etc.)
    • Bluetooth can be disabled on demand
    • Optimized energy consumption of Bluetooth
    • Optional live parameters can be activated via Bluetooth
    • TimeDeviation monitors deviation of time between sensor and smartphone
    • Current time can be set via Bluetooth so the sensor can store timeDeviation
    • Duration of measurement to start can be set via Bluetooth
    • Measurement can be started via Bluetooth even if an older measurement is not downloaded
    • If measurement is stopped via Bluetooth or end is reached all parameters are disabled (to enable parameters disconnect/connect sensor and set indications again)
    • Parameters can be enabled after measurement start via Bluetooth
    • Updated signal processing (fixed altitude, optimized steps, optimized activity recognition, optimized met)
    • Updated met models
    • Updated sensor protocol version (1.34.x)
  • Tolerate errors on usb connection while downloading data from sensor
  • Avoid firmware version to be misinterpreted when characters are included
  • Sort sensor parameters that are shown after sensor type
  • Avoid truncation by using a bigger text field for sensor type
  • A sensor with wrong firmware can now be updated using Firmware Updater
  • Updated integrated sensor firmware to version 1.12.7
    • Unit of hr is now 1/min
    • If no variation of hr is detected, hrvRmssd is 0
    • Measurement does not stop because of temporary errors in mass storage
    • Measurement can be started again after mass storage overflow
    • If mass storage is full and battery is empty measurement is stopped
    • Increased speed in mass storage to avoid recording to stop when bluetooth buffering is enabled
    • Bluetooth connection enters sleep mode when possible to save energy
    • Bluetooth name of 4th generation sensors is now xMove 4
    • Sensor automatically disables all buffered bluetooth attributes after measurement stops
    • An additional bluetooth attribute (Activated Buffered Characteristics) tells which buffered attributes are currently enabled
    • All sensors with bluetooth activated support tempMean
    • Deeply discharged sensors start normal
  • Updated integrated sensor firmware to version 1.11.79