The movisens team can plan, design, and implement custom specific adaptions and extension of our systems for you. Including the integration of our systems into superordinate systems.

Sampel of custom specific adaptions:

Integration of an IR temperature sensor into our mobile physical sensors Move 4 and EcgMove 4

This enables the continuous acquisition of skin temperature in addition to the wide array of other signals recorded.

Integration of a respiration sensor into our Move 4

The Move 4 with respiration sensor records the participants breathing rate via a chest strap and transmits this information directly via Bluetooth interface to the researcher's software. This enables the continuous acquisition of respiration in addition to the acquisition of a wide array of other signals.
  • UPWIND Project: Pilot Study Respiration
    With the help of a respiration sensor and a smartphone game, a relaxation technique using abdominal breathing will be trained and examined in children. The integrated respiration sensor transmits respiration data continuously via Bluetooth Low Energy to a smartphone during an exercise. The transmitted data controls a moving object in a game (e.g. when inhaling, the object moves up, when exhaling, it moves down, it stops when you stop breathing).

Below further projects that we have carried out for our customers:

  • Design and implementation of specific algorithms for the assessment of physical activity
  • Adaption of sensor systems to extend battery run time
  • Wireless connection of an activity sensor to a 3G gateway with the Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth Smart technology for a telemonitoring project
  • Design and Implementation of a physical activity report for participants for a large cohort study
  • Integration of a reaction time into the experience sampling platform movisensXS
  • Porting and implementation of algorithms for the analysis of heart rate variability to for the generation of online feedback
  • Connection of sensors to the experience sampling platform movisensXS for interactive ambulatory assessment