Remove the stress from the analysis phase, by taking advantage of our DataProcessing service. Whether you've gathered physiological data from our sensors or contextual data from our experience sampling platform, we can save you time and resources by performing the analysis for you.

We clean and edit the physiological and subjective data according to your request, presenting you with data ready for your statistical analysis to take place.

The DataProcessing Service provides the following:

  • Advice on evaluation
  • Cleaning and processing of sensor data
  • Evaluation of sensor data
  • Postprocessing of EMA data, e.g. correction of scales
  • Merging and synchronising of data from different sources
  • Processing of custom time series data from other sources (with compatible date / time format)
  • Coupling and processing of data structures from several centers, several measuring times, several groups and several measuring parts
  • Correction of the directory structure
  • Integration into existing directory structure