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Since the founding in 2009, movisens GmbH developed the most accurate range of physiological sensors and data analysis software in addition to the most flexible and fully featured experience sampling platform available. Our range of sensors enabled researchers the highest quality tools for recording ECG, EDA, and Physical Activity in an ambulatory context. Incorporating a full multi-modal approach, movisens GmbH also developed the most user friendly and fully featured experience sampling/ecological momentary assessment platform available.

A spin-off from the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, movisens quickly rose to the forefront as the leading supplier for ambulatory assessment research. As a research focused company, we believe in the power of harnessing ambulatory research for improving lives. Through close collaboration with researchers, we help develop tailor-made solutions enabling them to address innovative research questions by providing the tools and expertise to assist in all stages of a project - from design through to data analysis.

However, it's not just technical functionality and customer satisfaction that we care about, but also our internal community. We have built our success through teamwork, innovation and collaboration, driven by a culture that encourages the inclusion of individual personalities. We are a diverse team and bring expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible support in all research issues. We strive for quality, successful solutions and innovation, working every day to bring great solutions to satisfy you. We are always open to new contacts and projects and look forward to working with researchers and helping them realise their projects.

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Dr. Jörg Ottenbacher


Dr. Ulrich Großmann

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Dr. Stefan Hey

Senior Research Consultant

Darren McLennan

Research Consultant

Lisa Jankowoi

Research Consultant

Lorenz Bergner

Office Administration

Stefanie Schwarz

Backoffice Sales

Rick Rosisko

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We, movisens GmbH, are actively involved in various research projects. Therefore, we know the needs and wishes of our customers very well and can make targeted suggestions.

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