Your own Experience Sampling App!

movisens now offers researchers the opportunity to use their own Experience Sampling App powered by the movisensXS framework. Your participants see a custom design and branding on the app, whilst you retain the power of movisensXS, with it's intuitive web platform and drag and drop interface.

The movisensXS Custom App features the following customisation options:

  • Study specific Android authorisation: Within a study, the app only requests the accesses required for the study.
  • Custom color scheme: Tailor the background of the app to your requirements.
  • Branding: You determine the name of the app, the icon, and all the other branding elements of your study.

The study-specific customizations add an element of exclusivity and authenticity. The customized configuration of permissions eliminates concerns about data protection, due to the restricted access to the relevant smartphone components required for the study. The customization of the app's appearance increases the participants' identification with the study. Hopefully these measures lead to a higher compliance, a reduction in induction time, and thus to more data with less effort.