Pricing is prepaid, buy a bundle with as much credits (completed answers), as you expect to collect in your study. A bundle can be used for multiple studies. All prices excl. VAT.

  • 1,000 credits
  • Free
  • 1 Device
  • Email support

0 €

Start Free
  • On request
  • Free
  • 10 Devices
  • Email support

0 €

Apply with Project
  • 100,000 credits
  • 3,3 ct / credit
  • ∞ Devices
  • Priority support

3,300 € net*

  • 1 M credits
  • 1,1 ct / credit
  • ∞ Devices
  • Priority support

11,000 € net*

What counts as a credit?
  • Only completed answers count
  • Optional Items or items that do not store values (e.g. Multi-Item-Screens and Display Text) do not count
  • Items which generate an answer inside your results will count as one credit (e.g. Display Image)
  • Multiple Choice Items (e.g. Select Many) count as one credit
  • In-App-Messages send from/to participant count as one credit
  • Multimedia Items or other items that store Files count as three credits
  • Mobile Sensing count as 50 credits per participant day
  • Includes items and messages from deleted participants and studies

  • Calculate your costs

    The pricing calculator can help to estimate the number of credits you are going to have.

    How many participants do you have in your study?
    How many days does each participant use the device?
    How many forms does the participant fill out during one day?
    How many items do you ask your participant per form?
    Expected compliance rate
    10000 credits * 1ct = 10 ⇒ recommended bundle: Platinum (10,000€)