Dear customers, dearest researchers,

In challenging times like these, we’d like to take a moment to wish you personally, your families, your colleagues and your study participants good health. We here at movisens remain available for you even in the current crisis. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding ongoing or planned studies. Together, we will find the optimal solution to keep some things moving forward in this difficult situation.

Presently we’re all working from home and trying to make the best out of this challenging situation. Therefore we have thought about how we can support you in the best possible way. In addition, we prepared some tips to give you and your study participants to allow you to continue your research projects.

No direct social contact doesn’t mean that you cannot perform physiological measurements or experience sampling studies.

We recommend the following measures:

  • Contact, recruitment and participant instruction via video conference.
  • Pre-configuring the sensor measurement and delivering it by mail.
  • Include postage materials for the participants to return the sensors after the measurement. Then take advantage of the fact that the sensor stores the data locally, and download it to your home PC.
  • For the evaluation of the data on the home office computer you can download free DataAnalyzer licenses. The license is valid for 30 days and can be extended on request.
  • If you carry out Experience Sampling with movisensXS, your participants can take part in a study without personal contact (see below).
  • During this time we offer more telephone support

Please ensure that all materials used in all studies are thoroughly disinfected (sensors, chest straps, wristbands, smartphones). Please refer to our manuals or contact us directly.

For the disinfection of smartphones we recommend alcohol-free, virucidal disinfection wipes. Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for all disinfection products.

If you have ideas or experiences that you would like to share with the community on how to deal with the current situation, please feel free to share them with us and we will publish them on this page.


E-learning vs. face-to-face teaching

This Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) project (E-learning vs. face-to-face teaching - A comparison of physiological parameters in the pandemic-modified preclinical course system) investigates how stressassociated physiological parameters (HRV, cortisol) of students in online course concepts differ from participants in face-to-face teaching and what role these differences play in the maintenance of the learning process. To record HRV in these case, the EcgMove 4 is used and as a mobile Sensor, it is ideally suited for data collection, especially in times of contact limitations and in terms of infection prevention

Coping with stress

Coping with stress in an emergency situation (Stressiga toimetulek eriolukorras)
This study asks how people experience the COVID-19 crisis, and what resources predict better outcomes.
The study consists of two phases. In the first phase, we send out several questionnaires on mental health, coping, personality, and emotional regulation in relation to eating behaviour. In the second phase, we ask volunteers to participate in an experience sampling experiment. Using the experience platform movisensXS we'll ask them about their emotional experience and emotion regulation strategies via smartphone.
The whole study repeats in autumn with the same participants, in order to keep an eye on the long-term effects of the stressful situation.

The COVID-19 crisis

The COVID-19 crisis, stress, mood, and behaviour: an ecological momentary assessment study
This study aims to investigate the effects of the acute phase of the COVID-19 crisis on stress, mood, and behaviour using an ecological momentary assessment approach via a smartphone-app.
Participants receive questions multiple times a day about their current current well-being via a notification from a customised version of the movisensXS-App on their smartphone. Using this method allows a thorough analysis of the different elements of the questionnaires and their changes over time.

Contact persons

We would be happy to talk to you about your current situation and try to find a good solution together to allow you to continue working. Contact us free of charge and without obligation so that we can arrange a meeting with you, or call us.

Dr. Stefan Hey
Research Consultant

+49 (721) 381344-16

Darren McLennan
Research Consultant

+49 (721) 381344-20

Moritz Parr
Research Consultant

+49 (721) 381344-15

Jana Schlicksupp
Research Consultant

+49 (721) 381344-18

Further information on the above recommendations


In order to use movisensXS safely during the CoVid-19 crisis, we recommend coupling the participants' smartphones via the links.

The link displayed under the QR code can be sent directly to the participants smartphone. Upon opening the link, they'll be guided through the movisensXS set-up process.

Disinfection of sensors and textiles:

Upon their return, textiles and sensors must be disinfected before further processing.

  • Use protective gloves
  • Spray textiles and sensors with Meliseptol Rapid
  • Also disinfect the delivery packaging (case insert) or dispose of it (shipping envelopes, cardboard boxes)
  • Allow disinfectant to act for at least 2 minutes
  • Rinse textiles with clear water, dry sensors
  • Hand disinfection