Light and Activity Sensor LightMove 3

We took our acclaimed accelerometer technology and added 5 channels of light detection (Red, Green, Blue, Clear, IR) to develop our newest solution for ambulatory assessment:
Light and Activity Sensor LightMove 3

Capable of recording ambient light, 3D acceleration, temperature, and barometric air pressure data for up to two months, our sensor is ideal for research into the effect of light exposure and physical activity in the fields of:

  • Depression
  • Sleep analysis
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Shift work
  • Behavioral monitoring


  • The ability to easily calculate parameters like activity class, steps, energy expenditure, light irradiance or illuminance
  • Integrated Bluetooth Smart allowing live transmission of data calculated on the sensor
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Upcoming Events

For a personal demonstration of the LightMove3 visit our stand at the following conferences:

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