Study diary IIII

SedentaryMood Study (Part IIII)

The following article is part of a series about the "SedentaryMood-Study".

Sedentary Triggered e-Diaries

The methodical core of the "SedentaryMood-Study" is the use of Sedentary Triggered e-Diaries. As far as is known, no comparable technical solution has been implemented in any study to date.

Smartphone mit movisensXS
Smartphone with movisensXS
In this case, the application aims to capture psychological parameters precisely during long sitting phases. Sedentary behaviour is recorded, analysed in real time and mood queries are generated when defined thresholds are reached. The threshold for long sedentary behaviour is 30 minutes. The communication between smartphone (e-Diary) and accelerometer takes place via a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) connection.
In the practical implementation of this study, Sedentary Triggerd e-Diaries as well as random time points in the daily routine were selected. In addition, at the end of a study day, the test persons were encouraged to subjectively indicate the entire duration of the completed day.

The figure shows a triggered query with movisensXS.

You can find out more about the SedentaryMood-Study in the next article...

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