Alles Wissen: Muscles against back pain

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Physical activity behavior in everyday life is a central element of our daily lives and has a significant impact on our health and well-being.
In a study conducted by the DFG Research Group, physical activity behavior in everyday life was examined in more detail. The activity sensor (Move 4) and app-based experience sampling (movisensXS)were used to gain a comprehensive picture of daily activity and its influence on mood.
Our sensors and research platform made it possible to provide detailed insights into daily activity. They not only recorded when and for how long the participants moved, but also the type of activity and its intensity. Using the movisensXS mobile research platform, regular queries were made on the smartphone, triggered by the sensors' activity detection, asking participants to rate their current mood and well-being. This subjective data was then analyzed with the objectively measured activity data from the sensors. By combining these two methods - objective measurements with activity sensors and subjective assessments via the Experience Sampling Platform - the study was able to investigate how different movement patterns influence mood and overall well-being.

TV Beitrag; Alles Wissen

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