Study Diary VI

SedentaryMood-Study (Part VI)

The following article is part of a series about the "SedentaryMood-Study".

The practical implementation of the SedentaryMood-Study

In the last article the applied investigation plan was explained. The following article describes the practical implementation of the study.

Step by step

  • Preparation of the ethics proposal
  • Preparation of the respondent information and questionnaires
  • Creation of the study concept via the Ambulatory Assessment Platform movisensXS

  • Preparation of the necessary research equipment and the associated materials
  • Configuring and Starting Sensors

  • Install TriggerApp
  • Bluetooth low energy Establish connection between sensor and smartphone and select algorithm (Sedentary)

  • Pair the smartphone with movisensXS and load the created design on the smartphone
  • Instruction and instruction of test persons at the workplace
  • Start study!

  • you can find out more about the study in the next article...

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