movisens im Fernsehen bei W wie Wissen

In der ARD Sendung W wie Wissen Entspannungsschule vom 08.07.2012 zeigt Dr. Stefan Hey wie man mit Hilfe des movisens ekgMove Sensors Stress erkennt und ob sich der Körper bei Nacht überhaupt noch vollständig von der Belastung regenerieren kann.

movisens announces movisensXS, the next generation research tool for ambulatory assessment

Ambulatory assessment refers to the use of computer-assisted methodology for self-reports, behavior records, or physiological measurements, while the participant undergoes normal daily activities. This approach includes the experience sampling method (ESM) a.k.a. ecological momentary assessment (EMA).
Ambulatory Assessment has many advantages over traditional methods that are currently used in psychology like paper questionnaires or interviews:

  • Real-time assessment to increase accuracy and reduce retrospective biases
  • Assessment in real-life situations to enhance generalizability
  • Repeated assessments to allow investigation of dynamic processes

movisens provides researchers the tools to assess psychological, physiological, and behavioral data.

Today, movisens is announcing movisensXS a research tool to assess the ongoing behavior, experience and environmental aspects of humans in everyday life. It is tailored to the needs of ambulatory assessment and eXperience Sampling. movisensXS consists of an online tool to manage every aspect of a research study and a Smartphone app to capture data from participants. The online tool empowers you to design your study without any programming. You can realize any possible sampling scheme and configure every detail of your study.
Online at

The software is in private beta now and will be launching publicly end of this year.