Interactive Ambulatory Assessment – Project

Dr. Verkuil & Dr. Brosschot from Leiden University use heart rate variability (HRV), to investigate the impact of psychological stress on physiological stress. It is therefore important to measure psychological stress at moments when people are likely physiologically stressed. In their project, all periods of HRV that are not explained by physical activity will be detected. Each non-metabolic induced HRV decrease period will trigger a smartphone app that asks subjects to indicate what they are currently thinking and doing and how they are currently feeling. The aim of this study is to test if stress cognition is increased during periods of HRV decrease compared to random neutral episodes. Leiden University realizes this highly innovative project using movisens ecgMove and movisensXS.

movisensXS Mai Update

Today we are proud to announce our newest release of movisensXS.
  1. Upload all results from the device
  2. Update the movisensXS app to version 0.6.3412
  3. Synchronize your study
Please remember to deactivate automatic updates of movisensXS in the Play Store! It assures, that a study continues to run even if a new app version is released.

Messaging between you and your participants

movisensXS has now a build-in messaging support that lets you stay in contact with your participants during the study.
This can increase the compliance. All you need is a SIM card with an internet data contract.
Messages to/from participant count as 1 item result and are shown in the billing.
To activate messaging in existing studies, go into the preferences of your study (wrench icon), select movisensXS Library v3357 and save the changes. Than go to your sampling and open the "Study Running" block and enable the "Enable Messaging" checkbox. Make sure, you make a dummy change (like moving a block around) so you can safe the changes (blue floppy-disk at the top of the screen). Make sure you have the latest movisensXS app installed and synced your study with the smartphone after you enabled the messaging.

Improved Date and Time Pickers

On devices with Android 3.0 or higher new date and time pickers are shown, that are easier to use. With swipe gestures the date and time can be defined very quickly. Coming with the movisensXS Library v3357 is is now possible to select a default time and date. This is useful if your participants have to specify a time that is far away from now, (e.g. at night, fill out when you plan to waking up at the next day).

App Improvements

  • Fixed problems with overlaying keyboard in full-screen mode
  • Improved coupling, sync and upload process
  • Fixed problems with multimedia items on Android 4.4
  • Added media players to multimedia items and PlayAudioItems
  • Closing missed alarm-screens
  • Fixed issue with CDMA phones
  • Lots of stability improvements
  • New error reporting, which helps us to make the movisensXS app and server even more robust
  • Preparation for future awesome features

Server Improvements

  • New deployment mechanisms, allow us to make faster updates with a smaller downtime
  • Stability improvements
  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to reflect the use of third-party services
  • New logging and monitoring systems helps us to identify problems faster
  • New customer support system that allow us to respond to your questions even faster