movisensXS April Update

Today we want to announce lots of new features we build into movisensXS. All your studies and configurations have been updated. Because this is a major release, you have to perform a few steps to use the new app:
  1. Upload all results from the device
  2. Update the movisensXS app to version 0.4.2453
  3. Synchronize your study
Please remember to deactivate automatic updates of movisensXS in the Play Store! It assures, that a study continues to run even if a new app version is released.

movisensXS guide

XS_guideWant to get the most out of movisensXS? Or have a question about how something works? Check out the all new movisensXS Guide.
Search the Guide for something specific, read it top-to-bottom, or get best practice tips about the sampling and the item formats.
We're updating the Guide frequently.

Introducing Delayable Alarms

XS_alarm_featureNow the participant can delay an alarm, if he is currently busy. You can configure the maximum time the participant can delay an alarm and if he can dismiss an alarm. We think this feature can improve your study compliance even further.

Improved Excel result output

  • Dates are now split in separate date and time columns.
  • Select many options are now split into several columns (1=selected, 0=not selected).
  • A column added that indicates the completed form.
  • The columns are reordered.

Vote for the next features

We are always happy to get feedback how to improve our service. You can see planned features, suggest new ideas and vote for them. Leave your e-mail and we will notify you about feature updates.
Vote for the next features »

Smaller Improvements

  • Improved result graphs
  • Added possibility to track the amount of credits used by each study (included in billing)
  • Added support for international characters (e.g. Chinese)
  • Probands are now participant
  • App: Optimized likert scale and vas scale (possibility to hide marker)
  • App: Smaller GUI improvements
  • Lots of smaller bugs have been removed.

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