Schulungen im Hause movisens

Durch unseren Umzug haben wir uns räumlich stark vergrößert. Dadurch haben wir nicht nur die Möglichkeit unser Team langfristig zu vergrößern, sondern haben durch die neuen Räumlichkeiten auch die Möglichkeit Schulungen im Hause movisens anzubieten! Unsere Büroräume erlauben es, mehrere Interessenten einzuladen und gezielt zu dem Thema des (Interaktiven) Ambulanten Assessments/Mobilen Monitorings zu schulen. Durch eine Schulung können wichtige Grundlagen vermittelt werden und bereits zahlreiche Fragen im Voraus geklärt werden, so dass bei der anschließenden Studiendurchführung keine weiteren Probleme auftreten werden. Die Schulungen werden sowohl einen theoretischen als auch einen praktischen Teil beinhalten.

Wenn Sie Interesse an einer Schulung haben, kontaktieren Sie uns doch einfach unter Wir werden in absehbarer Zeit auch mögliche Termine für Schulungen bei uns im Hause bekanntgeben!

Durchführung ambulanter Kognitionstests mit movisensXS

Es ist soweit! Endlich ist es möglich in movisensXS ambulante Tests zur Messung der kognitiven Leistungsfähigkeit durchzuführen! Dafür wurden verschiedene bekannte Tests, wie z.B. SART (Sustained Attention to Response Test) oder Dual-N-Back, implementiert. Sollten Ihre gewünschten Tests nicht bereits integriert sein, entwickeln wir diese gerne gemeinsam mit Ihnen, sodass Sie Ihre Studie ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen durchführen können!

Weitere Infos zu den einzelnen Tests finden Sie hier!

New sensor EdaMove 3 now available

The EdaMove sensor emerges fresh from the lab with its version 3 upgrade complete. The same high quality data you’ve come to trust and respect, now capable of interacting with our cloud based experience sampling platform movisensXS.
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Workshop „Ambulatory Assessment“

movisens wird zusammen mit Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ebner-Priemer einen Workshop zum Thema Ambulatory Assessment am 6. und 7. April 2017 in Karlsruhe durchführen. Durch neue Entwicklungen im Bereich der Technik finden elektronische Tagebücher zur Untersuchung von Phänomenen im gewohnten Alltag eine immer größere Verwendung im Bereich der psychologischen Forschung. Diese Methode, die auch Experience Sampling Method oder Ecological Momentary Assessment genannt wird, beinhaltet zudem die Möglichkeit, zusätzlich zu subjektiven Parametern auch physiologische Daten zu erheben.

Das Ziel des Workshops ist es den Teilnehmern einen Überblick über die Möglichkeiten des Ambulanten Assessments, aber auch die damit verbundenen Schwierigkeiten und Punkte auf die es zu achten gilt, zu vermitteln. Im theoretischen Teil des Workshops werden alle wichtigen Hintergrundinformationen und Grundlagen, die es aus wissenschaftlicher Sicht zu beachten gilt, vermittelt. Im Anschluss daran können im praktischen Teil, welcher von movisens durchgeführt wird, die Teilnehmer sich selber in der Programmierung von e-diary-Studien unter Verwendung unserer movisensXS-Software versuchen. In diesem Teil wird zudem eine erste, kurze Auswertung mit Hilfe von SPSS stattfinden.

movisens freut sich darauf mit Ihnen diesen Workshop durchzuführen, über spannende, neue Themen zu diskutieren und neue Einsatzfelder der Ambulatory Assessments zu erarbeiten.

Capture the answers when it matters – SensorTrigger

Now it’s finally possible… capturing Experience Sampling data in sync with physiological parameters!

Previously discovering any relationships between physiological and subjective data would require cross referencing the information after the study. What if we said you can now detect heart rate and have it trigger a form? Or even psychological stress? Or you’d like to track Activity Levels? We’ve got you covered with that and more…

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movisensXS Updates December 2016

We are happy to announce another huge update to the movisensXS Platform. 

This update is all about the participant experience.
Please read the following changes carefully!

The update of the movisensXS app (Version 1.1) will happen tomorrow, 02.12.2016.
As always, if you are running a productive study, if possible, please disable auto-updates.

Participant Feedback about the Study Process

If you define a start and end date for a participant in a study the participant now gets feedback in the app showing him when the study will start and when it is ended. 

This also helps to see if a smartphone is not performing correctly.

Improved margins when using images together with scales

When you show images e.g. above a likert scale with a "Multi Item Screen", the image is aligned to the buttons. We improved the margins of all items to line up nicely in a "Multi Item Screen".

User feedback when starting a large study

We improved the startup speed of a study tremendously. But apart from that we also included a loading screen if the start of the study takes a bit on older devices with large studies. It looks like the following (this is in slow motion).

Starting a Study in Slow-Motion

But there are even more movisensXS app improvements

  • Improved barcode scanner
  • Improved random time trigger to work in cases of restart
  • Decreased amount of permissions on startup
  • Improved margins for images and likert scales
  • Improved User Interface with consistent card buttons
  • Added Android Nougat (Android 7) support
  • Added indicator for study state at homescreen
  • Added a possibility to send log information to developer
  • Added indicators in WebViews
  • Prevent user from double clicking buttons
  • Back button now usable in informed consent
  • Automatic cancelling of concurrent alarms
  • Fixed various bugs

And some improvements of beta features

  • Added sampling nodes (notifications, sampling running, check mutable value action)
  • Added new items (offline video and timer)
  • Fixed null results at cognitive library items
  • Added movisens sync service to gather data from triggerapp
Get it on Google Play

As always, let us know if you have any questions. Please spread the word and tell your colleagues about our great new features.

movisensXS July 2016 Update

This update is all about privacy and improving the experience for the participant. Please read the following changes carefully!

The update of the web portal will happen on Monday on 04.06.2016 at 22:00 o'clock (UTC+1, Berlin time zone). There will be a planned downtime of about 30 minutes. 

The update of the movisensXS app (Version 1.0) will happen in approximately two weeks. The beta version will roll out tomorrow. As always, if you are running a productive study, if possible, please disable auto-updates for the movisensXS App because the new user interface of movisensXS may confuse your participants. This is especially important on Android 5+ smartphones with activated "Lock Other Apps" functionality, because running studies are stopped when the update is installed automatically and a new permission has to be granted to continue the study.
This version is the last version supporting smartphones with an Android version below 4.0. If you use a older smartphone please check if an Android update is available.

Informed Consent

We added an informed consent start screen to the movisensXS app. When a participant starts a study he has to review and accept the following:

  • An informed consent that you can define for your study in the study settings (optional).
  • An informed consent from movisens, that gives us the approval to process the data of the participant. We also allow participants to opt-out of our app crash reporting provider Crashlytics.
  • A screen that lists all the required permissions in your study. This gives the participant transparency about the data that is acquired during your study. On Android 6 and above the participant has to grant some of these permissions manually and we guide the participants through the process of granting them so your study can run smoothly.  

The following shows the new behavior when a study is started:

This behavior only applies to studies that are not yet coupled to smartphones. Already coupled studies or studies with an older app do not show these screens, except for Android 6 Smartphones.

Better Alarm and Forms handling

From the home screen a participant can directly take an alarm or continue a form. These are shown as cards on the home screen.

Improvements of the web portal

  • More and more private smartphones of participants are used. This is why we removed the "Smartphones" tab in the web portal. We no longer store any device specific ids. Please backup your device IDs if you need to know which participant used which Smartphone.
  • The results table changed: The "Device" column is removed and the columns "Trigger_date" and "Trigger_time" are added. This allows checking when an alarm was issued and when a participant started to complete a form.
  • We also updated our terms of service to improve the privacy even further. The new terms of service will be available after the update here:
  • An updated item format gallery with new images will be available after the update:

But there are even more movisensXS app improvements

  • We added support for Android 6 Marshmallow (permissions and alarms)
  • Phone numbers are now hashed by movisensXS generated identifier (hashes stay the same per participant).
  • Minor UI changes for the toolbar buttons
  • Changed look and feel of button pressed to new card design
  • Added new lock other apps mechanism to support newer devices
  • Overflow menus will now be shown on every device
  • Back button can now be used to go back in message view
  • Retry upload of results automatically if no internet connection was available.
  • Added imprint and terms of service in settings
  • Added privacy enhancements for Android 6 (no autobackup allowed)
  • Added new barcode scanning
  • Added SART cognitive test
  • Fixed bug where photos and videos aren't deleted after upload to server
  • Fixed bug where movisens is restarted after an app receives an update (now only when movisensXS receives an update)
  • Fixed bug with battery low condition
  • Fixed back button wasn't disabled bug when allowBack was false
  • Fixed bug with whitespaces in mutable value names
  • Fixed autocorrect bug on motorola razer
  • Fixed validation of IntentAction
  • Fixed emoticon problems in free textfields
  • Fixed scrolling behaviour on large textitems
  • Fixed coupledialog
  • Fixed memory leaks
  • Changed to Google maps v2
  • Changed to Google Play Services 8.1

And some improvements of beta features

  • Participant defined time triggers can now be repeated and saved as mutable items
  • Added Geofence Trigger
  • Optimized location algorithm for new Google Play Services

Yeah, what a release. As always, let us know if you have any questions. Please spread the word and tell your colleagues about our great new features.

movisensXS August Update

Today we released some smaller user interface improvements to the movisensXS web page. The green action buttons (e.g. for adding participants) moved to the top right of the page.

Today we released some smaller user interface improvements to the movisensXS web page. The green action buttons (e.g. for adding participants) moved to the top right of the page.

New Android version coming

We are currently preparing a new movisensXS app release which will be distributed to beta users beginning today and will be released to all users on 4th of September! This new version will bring a completely redesigned questionnaire user interface. It looks exactly the same on all of the over 10,000 supported android devices! This new version will also change the way participants get alarms. They come as notifications, which is better for the compliance if a participant uses his own smartphone. These new alarms can now also be muted by setting the phone to silent mode. In full screen mode, the behavior is still the same as it was before this new version.


Other upcoming app Improvements

  • Introducing participant friendly notification system for alarms. These alarms can now also be muted by setting the phone to silent mode.
  • Participants can now configure the alarm sound and font size
  • Beautiful new user interface for all android versions
  • Added new participant onboarding
  • Participant can couple with a study by clicking on a link
  • Longer texts can be shown in the random word item
  • Removed possibility to select old files in multimedia items
  • Update to google play services 7.5.0
  • Optimization for Android Lollipop and M
  • Fixed bugs with music player on HTC One V
  • Improved random time triggers
  • Added possiblity to let the participant define a trigger time
  • Compatible with Android Version 2.3+
Full Changlog:

Workshop: Elektronische Tagebücher in der Psychologie – Zur Erfassung subjektiver Selbstberichte im Alltag

Da der Workshop zum Thema "Elektronische Tagebücher" im März auf hohes Interesse gestoßen sind nun die nächsten Termine angekündigt, für diejenigen, die keinen Platz mehr ergattern konnten:
  • Termin 1: 31. Juli, 13.00 bis 18.30 Uhr und 1. August, 9.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
  • Termin 2: 6. Oktober, 13.00 bis 18.30  Uhr und 7.Oktober, 9.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
Hier geht es zum Flyer und zur Anmeldung

Interactive Ambulatory Assessment – Project

Dr. Verkuil & Dr. Brosschot from Leiden University use heart rate variability (HRV), to investigate the impact of psychological stress on physiological stress. It is therefore important to measure psychological stress at moments when people are likely physiologically stressed. In their project, all periods of HRV that are not explained by physical activity will be detected. Each non-metabolic induced HRV decrease period will trigger a smartphone app that asks subjects to indicate what they are currently thinking and doing and how they are currently feeling. The aim of this study is to test if stress cognition is increased during periods of HRV decrease compared to random neutral episodes. Leiden University realizes this highly innovative project using movisens ecgMove and movisensXS.